(n)either (n)or

(n)either (n)or is double sided; it establishes a link that is also a limit. The exhibition simultaneously enunciates a comparison (either inside or outside) and a negative conjunction (neither self nor other). To explore the productive difference of inhabiting the permeable and shifting boundaries that constitute binary distinctions, the exhibition brings together contemporary artists who approach liminality as a persistent condition rather than a transitory state. Three main distinctions emphasize the multiple, complex readings of the artworks and their resonances: language and experience, death and birth, depth and surface. Characterizing these works is a resistance against categories that commodify, gender, and racialize bodies. While some artists investigate the transformative nature of the body, others explore the interplay of imagery and materiality. Rather than closure, resolution, and certainty, the exhibition foregrounds mediation, repetition and singularity in everyday life.

Coming soon: exhibition catalog designed by Carrie Hoffelt, including all works in (n)either (n)or and an essay by Lauren Miller.

May 1 – September 10, 2015
M-F 10:00am – 5:00pm
Opening Reception: Friday, May 1 (5-8pm)

Curatorial Lab
(adjacent to the Kohler Library)
Department of Art History
232 Conrad A. Elvehjem Bldg
800 University Avenue
Madison, WI 53706

Gallery Exterior